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The Roadhouse takes the name ‘Ngiyali’ from a Fitzroy Valley tree.

Ngiyali Roadhouse is centrally located on the highway in Fitzroy Crossing, providing locals & travellers with fuel (Diesel & ULP), groceries, quality sit down meals, tasty take-away meals and clean amenities.

The Fitzroy Workers Camp offers 20 air conditioned rooms, clean amenities, laundry facilities, a fully equipped communal kitchen, barbies with an outdoor eating area and it’s all secure with 24hr client access. We can even do your laundry, etc! We hope your stay in Fitzroy Crossing is enjoyable and that the Workers Camp itself offers you comfortable surrounds with a relaxing atmosphere that welcomes you back!

The enterprise is one of several wholly owned indigenous enterprises in the region, under the management structure of “Marra Worra Worra” the largest Aboriginal Resource Agency in the Kimberley region with more than 30 years of providing support services to 32 existing and emerging Aboriginal groups in the Fitzroy River Valley. Marra Worra Worras area of operation includes town based organisations and enterprises while also extending from Jimbalakadunj Community, 120 kilometres to the west, to Yiyili Community 170 kilometres to the east.

Marra Worra Worra is controlled by an Executive Committee comprising elected representatives from each of the four main indigenous language groups (Bunuba, Gooniyandi, Walmajarri and Wangkatjungka).


Fitzroy Crossing is situated on the banks of the mighty Fitzroy River, which provides year round fishing, camping and swimming. It flows through rugged hills and plains for a distance of 750 kilometres before discharging into King Sound, south of Derby. It has a catchment area of some 90,000 square kilometres of which half is above the crossing. When in flood the Fitzroy River is an awesome sight, can cover a 15km width of the flood plain and become one of the largest rivers in the world.

The banks of the Fitzroy River has an abundance of wildlife, flora & fauna ranging from finches to storks and pelicans, Barra & Cherabin also frequent here in the pristine clear pools up and down the river. It is also the natural habitat of the potentially dangerous salt water crocodiles. “Check with the locals to find a good spot on the mighty river to fish for the magnificent Barramundi”!

Only 20km out is Geikie Gorge (Darngku) is situated at the junction of the Oscar and the Geikie Ranges. The mighty Fitzroy River has carved a 30 metre deep gorge into the remains of the ancient limestone barrier reef leaving the bottom of the walls bleached white, an intriguing sight which makes it very popular with photographers. A great day destination (no camping) with, barbys, ablutions, several good walk trails, boat tours and a cultural tour

Windjana is a scenic 3km gorge with walls to 100m high carved out by the Lennard River and the nearby Tunnel Creek are both “Must See” destinations (half way between Fitzroy & Derby). The tunnels, caverns and caves threading through the magnificent Napier Ranges offer a unique area to have a leisurely walk through the 755m cavern (the bats enjoy visitors), explore ancient indigenous art, enjoy a cool swim in a billabong, spot some of the small fresh water crocks and take some snaps of the endless range of flora & fauna in the area.

Nearby, the ‘The Gibb River Road’ is another memorable experience, travelling through the breathtaking scenery of the King Leopold Ranges, visiting majestic waterfalls, swimming in crystal clear billabongs, bushwalking, rock climbing and ‘Yes’ there are fishing spots along there too.

North of Halls Creek is the Bungle-Bungles (Purnululu National Park), one of the Kimberly’s premier attractions; they are a popular and breathtaking site to visit with their 300 metre “Bee Hive”, domed shaped, sandstone rock formations and gorges. The tropical pools surrounded by Livistonia Fan Palms, magnificent gorges, caves and Aboriginal rock art along with an abundant variety of plant and animal life all combine to provide a few days of breathtaking exploration. Birdlife is awe-inspiring with more than 120 bird species to amaze the budding ornithologists

Our Town

Situated in the heart of the Kimberley, Fitzroy Crossing is approximately half way between Perth and Darwin, inland, on the edge of the Great Sandy Desert. The seasons are tropical i.e. Wet (Jan) and Dry (June) seasons, but the climate is mostly hot and dry.

The Fitzroy Valley has a population of around 1500 in town and 1500 on outlying communities. In the Valley there is an 80% majority of traditional Aboriginal people most of who speak English as a second or third language. The growing town has a selection of contracting companies, aerial tourism, a supermarket, hardware, post office, small district high school, hospital, hotel and a resort.


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